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  • Hyperkyphosis and mortality risk in older men: The Osteoporotic Fractures in Men study 2023
  • Life-space mobility and healthcare costs and utilization in older men 2021
  • Frailty phenotype and healthcare costs and utilization in older men 2020
  • Transforming dementia care through pragmatic clinical trials embedded in learning healthcare systems 2020
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  • Quality of life of caregivers of older patients with advanced cancer 2019
  • Frailty phenotype and healthcare costs and utilization in older women 2018
  • Frequent 911 fall calls in older adults: opportunity for injury prevention strategies 2018
  • Research priorities to advance the health and health care of older adults with multiple chronic conditions 2017
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  • Life-space mobility and mortality in older men: a prospective cohort study 2014
  • Objective measures of activity level and mortality in older men 2014
  • Fracture risk in older, long-term survivors of early-stage breast cancer 2013
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