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  • Accuracy of ICD-10-CM encounter diagnoses from health records for identifying self-harm events 2022
  • Demographic differences in willingness to share electronic health records in the All of Us Research Program 2022
  • Developing an algorithm across integrated healthcare systems to identify a history of cancer using electronic medical records 2022
  • Development and dissemination of clinical decision support across institutions: standardization and sharing of refugee health screening modules 2019
  • Text message alerts to emergency physicians identifying potential study candidates increase clinical trial enrollment 2019
  • What health records data are required for accurate prediction of suicidal behavior? 2019
  • Clinical decision support directed to primary care patients and providers reduces cardiovascular risk: a randomized trial 2018
  • Evaluating a mobile application for improving clinical laboratory test ordering and diagnosis 2018
  • Predicting neutropenia risk in patients with cancer using electronic data 2017
  • Developing a data infrastructure for a learning health system: the PORTAL network 2014
  • The impact of electronic health records on care of heart failure patients in the emergency room 2012
  • "e-Iatrogenesis": the most critical unintended consequence of CPOE and other HIT 2007
  • Cost and economic benefit of clinical decision support systems for cardiovascular disease prevention: a community guide systematic review [review, systematic review] 2017
  • Clinical research data warehouse governance for distributed research networks in the USA: a systematic review of the literature [systematic review, review] 2014