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  • Use of sequential hot-deck imputation for missing health care systems data for population health research 2024
  • Association between adverse social determinants of health and suicide death 2023
  • Factor analysis in distinguishing coronavirus disease 2019 from other influenza-like illness using a validated patient-reported outcome instrument FLU-PRO Plus: a prospective real-world cohort study 2023
  • Suicide deaths before and during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic: an interrupted time-series study 2022
  • Complementary, integrative, and nondrug therapy use for pain among US military veterans on long-term opioids 2020
  • Modeling the health and budgetary impacts of a team-based hypertension care intervention that includes pharmacists 2019
  • Near real-time surveillance for consequences of health policies using sequential analysis 2018
  • A statewide effort to implement collaborative care for depression: reach and impact for all patients with depression 2016
  • Perceptions of active surveillance and treatment recommendations for low-risk prostate cancer: results from a national survey of radiation oncologists and urologists 2014
  • Designing and implementing research on a statewide quality improvement initiative: the DIAMOND study and initiative 2013
  • Are characteristics of the medical home associated with diabetes care costs? 2012
  • Diabetes and asthma case identification, validation, and representativeness when using electronic health data to construct registries for comparative effectiveness and epidemiologic research 2012
  • Disparities in potentially avoidable emergency department (ED) care: ED visits for ambulatory care sensitive conditions 2012
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  • Which enrollees bypass their gatekeepers in a point-of-service plan? 2003
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