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  • Psychotherapy disruption before and after the transition to virtual mental health care induced by the COVID-19 pandemic 2024
  • Racial-ethnic differences in receipt of past-year health care services among suicide decedents: a case-control study 2024
  • Clinician experiences with telepsychiatry collaborative care for posttraumatic stress disorder and bipolar disorder 2023
  • Diagnosed posttraumatic stress disorder and other trauma-associated stress disorders and risk for suicide mortality 2023
  • Health diagnoses and service utilization in the year before youth and young adult suicide 2023
  • Connecting research and practice: implementation of suicide prevention strategies in learning health care systems 2022
  • Sex differences in comorbid mental and substance use disorders among primary care patients with opioid use disorder 2022
  • Weighing the association between BMI change and suicide mortality 2021
  • Elimination of routine screening laboratory tests for psychiatric admission: a quality improvement initiative 2020
  • Provider contributions to disparities in mental health care 2020
  • Diagnosed mental health conditions and risk of suicide mortality 2019
  • Self-reported suicidal ideation as a predictor of suicidal behavior among outpatients with diagnoses of psychotic disorders 2019
  • General medical, mental health, and demographic risk factors associated with suicide by firearm compared with other means 2018
  • Facilitating action for suicide prevention by learning health care systems 2016
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