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  • Community paramedicine intervention reduces hospital readmission and emergency department utilization for patients with cardiopulmonary conditions 2023
  • Characterization of regional poison center utilization through geospatial mapping 2020
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  • The Emergency Medicine Group Standardized Letter of Evaluation as a workplace-based assessment: the validity is in the detail 2020
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  • Erratum: This article corrects: "Systemwide clinical ultrasound program development: an expert consensus model" 2018
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  • Systemwide clinical ultrasound program development: an expert consensus model 2018
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  • Analysis of the evaluative components on the Standard Letter of Recommendation (SLOR) in emergency medicine 2014
  • Social media guidelines and best practices: recommendations from the council of residency directors social media task force 2014
  • Hunger and food insecurity among patients in an urban emergency department 2013
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