We support well-being through research on treatments and care for many conditions, as well as disease prevention programs and initiatives to improve experience.

Faculty Position
  • Anderson, Paul J. II, MD, Research Investigator
  • Hooker, Stephanie A., PhD, MPH, MS, Research Investigator
  • Kottke, Thomas E., MD, MSPH, Sr. Research Investigator
  • Spoonheim, Joel B., Director of Operations, Health Promotion
  • Publications
    selected publications
    Journal Article
  • A new pandemic of loneliness
    Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine. 2022
  • An email coaching option increases participant program utilization and coach productivity
    American Journal of Health Promotion. 2022
  • Association of an automated blood pressure measurement quality improvement program with terminal digit preference and recorded mean blood pressure in 11 clinics
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  • Behaviors, beliefs, and recommendations to optimize promotion of safe fish consumption before and during pregnancy: a physician survey
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  • Cardiovascular risk for patients with and without schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, or bipolar disorder
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  • Change that matters: a health behavior change and behavioral health curriculum for primary care
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  • Comparing pharmacist-led telehealth care and clinic-based care for uncontrolled high blood pressure: the Hyperlink 3 Pragmatic Cluster-Randomized Trial
    Hypertension (Dallas, Tex.. 2022
  • Depression and cardiovascular risk in primary care patients
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  • Effect of clinical decision support on cardiovascular risk among adults with bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, or schizophrenia: a cluster randomized clinical trial
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  • Effects of devotional prayer and secular meditation on cardiovascular response to a faith challenge among Christians
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  • Findings and future directions from a smoking cessation trial utilizing a clinical decision support tool
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  • Gaing the upper hand
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  • Patient expectations of and experiences with a suicide risk identification algorithm in clinical practice
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  • Using advanced racial and ethnic identity demographics to improve surveillance of work-related conditions in an occupational clinic setting
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  • What is success in treatment for opioid use disorder? Perspectives of physicians and patients in primary care settings
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  • Brief report: Meaning in life is mediated by self-efficacy in the prediction of physical activity
    Journal of Health Psychology. 2021
  • Building capacity for integrated occupational safety, health, and well-being initiatives using guidelines for Total Worker Health® approaches
    Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. 2021
  • Change in perceived stress and health behaviors of emerging adults in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic
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  • It's important to hear and learn from youth experiencing homelessness in the Twin Cities
    MinnPost. 2021
  • It’s important to hear and learn from youth experiencing homelessness in the Twin Cities
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  • Longitudinal assessment of mental health and well-being in patients being treated with medications for opioid use disorder in primary care
    Addictive behaviors reports. 2021
  • Pragmatic evaluation of a health system-based employee weight management program
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  • Promoting fish consumption messages: perspectives of hmong women of childbearing age
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  • Promoting the public's health with personal commitment and gun safety policies
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  • Psychosocial needs of parents engaged in treatment for opioid use disorder
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  • Using a brief tool to assess healthy school environments: a pilot study
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  • Engaging in personally meaningful activities is associated with meaning salience and psychological well-being
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  • Mental health and psychosocial needs of patients being treated for opioid use disorder in a primary care residency clinic
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  • Multiple dimensions of wellness: development and psychometric properties of the Anschutz Wellness Evaluation 360 (AWE360)
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  • Patient loneliness in an urban, underserved family medicine residency clinic: prevalence and relationship to health care utilization
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  • Predictors of family medicine patient retention in opioid medication-assisted treatment
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  • Recognizing our local COVID-19 heroes
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  • Piquing their “Pinterest”: a qualitative study to format and deliver complex fish consumption guidelines to women who are or could become pregnant
  • Psychometric properties of the postpartum depression screening scale beyond the postpartum period
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  • Editorial Article
  • Failing cardiovascular health: a population code blue [editorial]
    Journal of the American College of Cardiology.  80. 2022
  • Gun laws: enough is enough [editorial]
  • Heart disease and stroke: down, but not out [editorial]
    Lancet Reg Health Eur.  7. 2021
  • Bring back the notepads: drawing as an underutilized approach to improving patient comprehension and recall [editorial]
    Patient Education and Counseling.  103. 2020
  • Multiples of median income: a tool to call out drugs that are high cost and low value [editorial]
    The Permanente journal.  24. 2020
  • A body of work, a missed opportunity: dyadic research in older adults [editorial]
    Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.  67. 2019
  • Access to affordable housing promotes health and well-being and reduces hospital visits [editorial]
    The Permanente journal.  22. 2018
  • Philanthropy and beyond: creating shared value to promote well-being for individuals in their communities [editorial]
    The Permanente journal.  21. 2017
  • Strategies to prioritize clinical options in primary care [editorial]
    Annals of Family Medicine.  15. 2017
  • Counterpoint: Teamwork is the best medicine, not "autonomy" [editorial]
  • Here's how we can end extortionate drug price increases. Runaway medication costs are the fastest-growing driver of health-care expenses [editorial]
  • A paradox of well-being [editorial]
  • A commentary on: "Comparative health systems research among Kaiser Permanente and other integrated delivery systems: a systematic literature review" [editorial]
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  • The need for social epidemiology: now as much as ever [editorial]
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  • Chapter
  • Case study: the power of community in population health: PowerUp for kids
    Population health: creating a culture of wellness. 2015
  • Causation of common cardiovascular problems
    AMA guides to the evaluation of diseases and injury causation. 2013
  • Health promotion in health systems
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  • Review
  • Pharmacist interventions for medication adherence: Community Guide economic reviews for cardiovascular disease [review]
    American Journal of Preventive Medicine. 2022
  • Harnessing centred identity transformation to reduce executive function burden for maintenance of health behaviour change: the Maintain IT model [review]
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  • Team-based care and improved blood pressure control: a Community Guide systematic review [review, systematic review]
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