Alpern, Jonathan D., MD
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Research Investigator

Academic appointment: Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases, University of Minnesota; Core faculty, University of Minnesota Global Health Course

Joined the Institute: 2017

Education and training: MD, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA; residency in internal medicine, University of Minnesota Minneapolis; chief residency, Regions Hospital, St. Paul; fellowship in infectious diseases, University of Minnesota Minneapolis.

Overview/research interests: Dr. Alpern’s research interests include travel and tropical medicine, and the cost and availability of prescription drugs in the United States, with a focus on anti-infective drugs and low socioeconomic status populations.

Current research activities and funding:

• Sole-source, Off-patent Drugs in the United States: Prevalence, Pricing, and Populations Affected
• Stamaril Expanded Access Protocol



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