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Journal Article
  • Assessing the implementation of a clinical decision support tool in primary care for diabetes prevention: a qualitative interview study using the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Science
    BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making. 2022
  • Comparison of explanatory and pragmatic design choices in a cluster-randomized hypertension trial: effects on enrollment, participant characteristics, and adherence
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  • How does prior experience pay off in large-scale quality improvement initiatives?
    Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine. 2022
  • Implementing a prediabetes clinical decision support system in a large primary care system: design, methods, and pre-implementation results
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  • The effects of major disruptions on practice participation in facilitation during a primary care quality improvement initiative
    Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine. 2022
  • Clinician perceptions about a decision support system to identify and manage opioid use disorder
    Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine. 2021
  • Design of a pragmatic cluster-randomized trial comparing telehealth care and best practice clinic-based care for uncontrolled high blood pressure
    Contemporary Clinical Trials. 2020
  • Key components of success in a randomized trial of blood pressure telemonitoring with medication therapy management pharmacists
    Journal of the American Pharmacists Association. 2018
  • Practice facilitator strategies for addressing electronic health record data challenges for quality improvement: EvidenceNOW
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  • Recruiting practices for change initiatives is hard: findings from EvidenceNOW
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  • Taking innovation to scale in primary care practices: the functions of health care extension
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  • Use of quality improvement strategies among small to medium-size US primary care practices
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  • A national evaluation of a dissemination and implementation initiative to enhance primary care practice capacity and improve cardiovascular disease care: the ESCALATES study protocol
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  • A stepped-wedge evaluation of an initiative to spread the collaborative care model for depression in primary care
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  • Minnesota's early experience with medical home implementation: viewpoints from the front lines
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    Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine. 2014
  • The DIAMOND initiative: implementing collaborative care for depression in 75 primary care clinics
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  • Quality of diabetes care in family medicine practices: influence of nurse-practitioners and physician's assistants
    Annals of Family Medicine. 2008
  • Challenges of change: a qualitative study of chronic care model implementation
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  • Transforming medical care: case study of an exemplary, small medical group
    Annals of Family Medicine. 2006
  • Key issues in transforming health care organizations for quality: the case of advanced access
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