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  • Adapting a clinical decision support system to improve identification of pediatric hypertension in a rural health system: design of a pragmatic trial
    Contemporary Clinical Trials. 2023
  • Clinical decision support with or without shared decision making to improve preventive cancer care: a cluster-randomized trial
    Medical Decision Making. 2022
  • Clinician perceptions of a clinical decision support system to reduce cardiovascular risk among prediabetes patients in a predominantly rural healthcare system
    BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making. 2022
  • Human papillomavirus vaccination clinical decision support for young adults in an upper midwestern healthcare system: a clinic cluster-randomized control trial
    Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics. 2022
  • Primary care clinicians' opinions before and after implementation of cancer screening and prevention clinical decision support in a clinic cluster-randomized control trial: a survey research study
    BMC Health Services Research. 2022
  • Design and rationale of an intervention to improve cancer prevention using clinical decision support and shared decision making: a clinic-randomized trial
    Contemporary Clinical Trials. 2021
  • Patient perceptions of using clinical decision support for cancer screening and prevention: "I wouldn't have thought about getting screened without it."
    Journal of patient-centered research and reviews. 2021
  • The impact of personalized clinical decision support on primary care patients' views of cancer prevention and screening: a cross-sectional survey
    BMC Health Services Research. 2021
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