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  • Comparison of 24-month outcomes after treatment for distal radius fracture: the WRIST randomized clinical trial
    JAMA network open. 2021
  • What are the tradeoffs in outcomes after casting versus surgery for closed extraarticular distal radius fractures in older patients? A statistical learning model
    Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research. 2021
  • Inadvertent rupture of a silicone breast implant during fat grafting: surgical and radiological findings
    Plastic and reconstructive surgery. Global open. 2020
  • Ketorolac for patients undergoing implant-based breast reconstruction: impact on hospital length of stay and postoperative narcotic use
    Aesthetic Surgery Journal. 2020
  • Patient satisfaction after treatment of distal radial fractures in older adults
    J Hand Surg Eur. 2020
  • Pre-injury activity predicts outcomes following distal radius fractures in patients age 60 and older
    PloS One. 2020
  • Assessment of distal radius fracture complications among adults 60 years or older: a secondary analysis of the WRIST randomized clinical trial
    JAMA network open. 2019
  • Predicting outcomes after distal radius fracture: a 24-center international clinical trial of older adults
    Journal of Hand Surgery. 2019
  • The relationship between hand therapy and long-term outcomes after distal radius fracture in older adults: evidence from the Randomized Wrist and Radius Injury Surgical Trial
    Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 2019
  • Toradol following breast surgery: is there an increased risk of hematoma?
    Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 2018
  • Reflections 1 year into the 21-Center National Institutes of Health--funded WRIST study: a primer on conducting a multicenter clinical trial
    Journal of Hand Surgery. 2013
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