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Journal Article
  • Risk patterns and mortality in postmenopausal women using latent class analysis
    American Journal of Preventive Medicine. 2021
  • Accuracy of self-reported weight in the Women's Health Initiative
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  • Physical activity and weight gain after smoking cessation in postmenopausal women
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  • Benign breast disease and risk of thyroid cancer
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  • Effect of depression before breast cancer diagnosis on mortality among postmenopausal women
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  • Intentional weight loss and endometrial cancer risk
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  • Metabolic phenotype and risk of colorectal cancer in normal-weight postmenopausal women
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  • Risk of diabetes after hysterectomy with or without oophorectomy in postmenopausal women
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  • Pre-existing diabetes and lung cancer prognosis
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  • Newly developed chronic conditions and changes in health-related quality of life in postmenopausal women
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  • Diabetes, diabetes treatment and breast cancer prognosis
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  • Within-person variability of urinary bisphenol-A in postmenopausal women
    Environmental Research. 2014
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