Leslie C. Kuckler, MPH
Principal Project Manager

Leslie Kuckler is a Principal Project Manager at HealthPartners Institute.  Leslie has a background as a registered dietician and a Master of Public Health degree in Public Health, Nutrition from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health. 

Leslie’s previous work includes developing and running a nutrition counseling and weight loss program at LifeTime Fitness.  She also worked as an instructor for worksite wellness programs for HealthPartners’ Center for Health Promotion.  For the past 22 years, Leslie has served as the project manager of the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) project, HealthPartners site.  Her work on the VSD project includes regulatory, compliance, administration, budget review and collaboration on a multitude of studies investigating the safety of routine childhood and novel vaccines.

Conducting Institute research since 2000.

Education includes: 
BS in Nutrition from the University of Minnesota
MPH, Nutrition from the University of MN School of Public Health

Research interests include:
Vaccine safety
Outcome ascertainment
Research methods

Current research activities and funding:  
Vaccine Safety Datalink, funded by CDC

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