Sanne Magnan, MD, PhD
Senior Fellow, HealthPartners Institute

Title: Senior Fellow

Other offices/titles: Co-chair, Roundtable on Population Health Improvement of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine; Member, Epic’s Population Health Steering Board; Member, Healthy People 2030 Engagement Subcommittee; Board member, Interdisciplinary Association for Population Health Science (2018-present); Minnesota Commissioner of Health (2007-2010); President, Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement (ICSI) (2006-2007); President & CEO, ICSI (2011-2016).

Academic appointment: Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

Year joined the Institute: 2016

Education and training: MD and PhD in medicinal chemistry, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

Overview/research interests: To provide leadership for improving health (physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being) in our communities through the redesign of care, redesign of incentives and citizen and community engagement to improve the social determinants of health.

Publications While At HealthPartners
selected publications
Journal Article
  • The reallocationists versus the direct allocationists
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  • Reduction in US health care spending required to meet the Institute of Medicine's 2030 target
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  • Purchasing population health - revisited
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  • Improving hypertension control population-wide in Minnesota
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  • Potentially preventable hospital and emergency department events: lessons from a large innovation project
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  • Impact of a national collaborative care initiative for patients with depression and diabetes or cardiovascular disease
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  • The COMPASS initiative: description of a nationwide collaborative approach to the care of patients with depression and diabetes and/or cardiovascular disease
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  • Achieving accountability for health and health care
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  • The relationship of stage of change for smoking cessation to stage of change for fruit and vegetable consumption and physical activity in a health plan population
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  • Aids to quitting tobacco use: how important are they outside controlled trials?
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  • Failure of a continuous quality improvement intervention to increase the delivery of preventive services. A randomized trial
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  • Improving prevention is difficult
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  • Editorial Article
  • I hear you: seeking population health common ground [editorial]
    American Journal of Public Health.  113. 2023
  • The potential and challenges for common ground on abortion [editorial]
    American Journal of Public Health.  113. 2023
  • section [editorial]
    American Journal of Public Health.  110. 2020
  • Healthier people: setting targets for life expectancy and health care expenditures [editorial]
    American Journal of Public Health.  110. 2020
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