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  • Effects of devotional prayer and secular meditation on cardiovascular response to a faith challenge among Christians
    Psychology of Religion and Spirituality. 2022
  • Brief report: Meaning in life is mediated by self-efficacy in the prediction of physical activity
    Journal of Health Psychology. 2021
  • Engaging in personally meaningful activities is associated with meaning salience and psychological well-being
    Journal of Positive Psychology. 2020
  • Integrating meaning in life and self-determination theory to predict physical activity adoption in previously inactive exercise initiates enrolled in a randomized trial
    Psychology of Sport and Exercise. 2020
  • Multiple dimensions of wellness: development and psychometric properties of the Anschutz Wellness Evaluation 360 (AWE360)
    J Well Being Assess. 2020
  • A psychometric approach to theory-based behavior change intervention development: example from the Colorado Meaning-Activity Project
    Annals of Behavioral Medicine. 2018
  • Daily meaning salience and physical activity in previously inactive exercise initiates
    Health Psychology. 2018
  • Do monetary incentives increase fitness center utilization? It depends
    American Journal of Health Promotion. 2018
  • Denver Spirited Heart: mixed-methods pilot study of a psychospiritual intervention for heart failure patients
    Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. 2017
  • Identifying groups at risk for 1-year membership termination from a fitness center at enrollment
    Preventive medicine reports. 2016
  • Purpose in life is associated with physical activity measured by accelerometer
    Journal of Health Psychology. 2016
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