Benji K. Mathews, MD
Section Head, Hospital Medicine, Regions Hospital and Director of Point-of-Care Ultrasound for Hospital Medicine, HealthPartners.

Academic title: Assistant professor of medicine, Department of Medicine, Division of General Internal Medicine, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Education: MD, residency in internal medicine and chief residency in internal medicine, University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis.

  • Research Investigator, Critical Care Research Center
  • Publications While At HealthPartners
    selected publications
    Journal Article
  • Missing inferior vena cava on POCUS: a case of left-sided IVC with azygos continuation
    Pocus j. 2023
  • Comparison of four handheld point-of-care ultrasound devices by expert users
    The ultrasound journal. 2022
  • Webside manner: maskless communication
    Diagnosis (Berlin, Germany). 2022
  • Comparison of in-person versus tele-ultrasound point-of-care ultrasound training during the COVID-19 pandemic
    The ultrasound journal. 2021
  • Hospitalist perceptions of barriers to lung ultrasound adoption in diverse hospital environments
    Diagnostics (Basel, Switzerland). 2021
  • Immigrant physicians fill a critical need in COVID-19 response
    Journal of Hospital Medicine. 2020
  • Keep calm and log on: telemedicine for COVID-19 pandemic response
    Journal of Hospital Medicine. 2020
  • SPEAKers at the National Society of Hospital Medicine meeting: a follow-UP study of gender equity for conference speakers from 2015 to 2019. The SPEAK UP Study
    Journal of Hospital Medicine. 2020
  • Structured case reviews for organizational learning about diagnostic vulnerabilities: initial experiences from two medical centers
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  • Entrusting internal medicine residents to use point of care ultrasound: towards improved assessment and supervision
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  • Evaluating a mobile application for improving clinical laboratory test ordering and diagnosis
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  • Point-of-care ultrasound improves shared diagnostic understanding between patients and providers
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  • The design and evaluation of the Comprehensive Hospitalist Assessment and Mentorship with Portfolios (CHAMP) Ultrasound Program
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  • Fecal occult blood testing in hospitalized patients with upper gastrointestinal bleeding
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  • Hospital medicine point of care ultrasound credentialing: an example protocol
    Journal of Hospital Medicine. 2017
  • Isolated intestinal type angioedema due to ACE-inhibitor therapy
  • Decision - diagnosis: an introduction to diagnostic error and medical decision-making
  • Talking about the diagnostic process and diagnostic error in medical education
  • Listeria rhomboencephalitis in a patient on a tumor necrosis factor alpha inhibitor (etanercept)
    Journal of Clinical Rheumatology. 2014
  • Teaching about cognitive error in medical education
  • presentations
  • A crash course in not crashing: diagnostic error and the next frontier in patient safety [presentation]
  • A new era in diagnosis: tools to understand and mitigate diagnostic error after the IOM report [presentation]
  • Abdominal ultrasonography – case based image interpretation [presentation]
  • Choose your own adventure--medical decision making [presentation], University of Minnesota Internal Medicine Residency Program, Educational Conference and Workshop
  • Clinical competency committee – development of the resident assessment and coaching process [presentation]
  • Coaching – building relationships, improving performance [presentation]
  • Deliberate practice and diagnostic excellence--make it a habit [presentation]
  • Demystifying milestones [presentation]
  • Diagnostic error in medical education [panelist]
  • Diagnostic error in medicine – point of care ultrasound in the diagnostic process [webinar]
  • Diagnostic error in medicine: a case autopsy [presentation]
  • Essentials of cardiac echocardiography [presentation]
  • Essentials of cardiac ultrasounds for general internal medicine [presentation]
  • Five signature findings of lung ultrasonography [presentation], University of Minnesota Internal Medicine Residency Program, Educational Conference and Workshop
  • From idea to action plan: making an educator's clinical research a reality [presentation]
  • From mindfulness to mindfulness: cognitive biases and clinical decision making [presentation]
  • From possible to probable to sure to wrong--premature closure and anchoring in a complicated case [presentation]
  • HOCUS-POCUS Hospitalist Oriented Compression Ultrasonography [presentation]
  • Heuristics: the silent adjudicators in clinical practice [presentation]
  • High-value decision making [presentation]
  • Improving diagnosis in hospital medicine via point of care ultrasound [presentation]
  • Incorporating diagnostic reasoning into bedside teaching [presentation], Diagnostic Error in Medicine 10th International Conference (Applied Innovations)
  • Indicate it! Feedback loops to improve patients' understanding of their medications [presentation], Diagnostic Error in Medicine 10th International Conference (Applied Innovations)
  • Looking under the hood when the car breaks down--teaching about medical decision making by studying diagnostic error [presentation]
  • Making a difference through data and improvement [presentation], University of Minnesota Internal Medicine Residency Program Multisite Conference
  • Medical bias in internal medicine [presentation]
  • Picking on PICCs (peripherally inserted central catheters) to decrease upper extremity DVTs [presentation]
  • Point of care ultrasound and patient’s understanding of the diagnostic process [presentation], Diagnostic Error in Medicine International Conference
  • Solutions to diagnostic error - rapidly implementable tools [presentation]
  • Teaching effectively about medical decision making and diagnostic error: how to get it right and how to talk about it when we don't [presentation]
  • Technology that brings us back to the bedside. The effect of POCUS on patients' understanding of their health problem [presentation], Diagnostic Error in Medicine 10th International Conference (Applied Innovations)
  • That's how my brain works? A toolkit for teaching about error and cognitive bias in case-based conferences [presentation]
  • The Loop Study: a multicenter, interdisciplinary initiative to improve diagnostic reasoning and patient safety through consistent, rapid feedback [presentation], Diagnostic Error in Medicine 10th International Conference (Applied Innovations)
  • The foundation of feedback--from good to great with diagnostic reasoning [presentation]
  • Thinking about thinking smarter: how understanding medical decision-making and cognitive biases can help you improve care [presentation]
  • Train like a CHAMP - the Comprehensive Hospitalist Assessment and Mentorship with Portfolios ultrasound program [presentation]
  • Ultrasound corner: undifferentiated shortness of breath [presentation]
  • You may text and click during my conference! Engagement that leads to more engagement [presentation]
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