Donald C. Worley
Dental Clinical Quality & Ops Consultant
  • Dental Clinical Quality & Ops Consultant, Dental and oral health
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  • Dental and oral health Dental Clinical Quality & Ops Consultant
  • Publications While At HealthPartners
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  • "I'm torn": qualitative analysis of dental practitioner-perceived barriers, facilitators, and solutions to HPV vaccine promotion
    Healthcare. 2024
  • Clinical decision support to reduce opioid prescriptions for dental extractions using SMART on FHIR: implementation report
    JMIR medical informatics. 2023
  • De-Implementing Opioids for Dental Extractions (DIODE): a multi-clinic, cluster-randomized trial of clinical decision support strategies in dentistry
    Implementation science. 2023
  • De-implementing opioid prescribing in a dental group practice: lessons learned
    Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology. 2023
  • Periodontal treatment and subsequent clinical outcomes and medical care costs: a retrospective cohort study
    PloS One. 2023
  • Patient experience of post-extraction pain management
    Front Dent Med. 2022
  • De-implementing opioid use and implementing optimal pain management following dental extractions (DIODE): protocol for a cluster randomized trial
    JMIR research protocols. 2021
  • Patient, provider type, and procedure type factors associated with opioid prescribing by dentists in a health care system
    Journal of Pain Research. 2021
  • Quantifying dental office-originating adverse events: the Dental Practice Study methods
    Journal of patient safety. 2021
  • Assessing the patient safety culture in dentistry
    JDR clinical and translational research. 2020
  • Creating systems aligned with the triple-aim and value-based care
    Journal of Public Health Dentistry. 2020
  • Caries treatment in a dental practice-based research network: movement toward stated evidence-based treatment
    Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology. 2013
  • Utilization of nondentist providers and attitudes toward new provider models: findings from the National Dental Practice-Based Research Network
    Journal of Public Health Dentistry. 2013
  • A comparison of dental restoration outcomes after placement by restorative function auxiliaries versus dentists
    Journal of Public Health Dentistry. 2012
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