Knowledge Exchange currently contains links to our research publications and citations for conference papers and posters, as well as abstracts where a HealthPartners employee is an author or co-author. Future phases will provide connection to education and improvement materials.

When you publish a paper, inform the Research Librarian of your publication and provide a link to the article. Only publications during your employment at HealthPartners are included, unless you co-authored a paper with an existing HealthPartners employee while you were employed elsewhere.

Having the most up-to-date information on your profile is important. Send updates or corrections, to

If you notice a publication included in your list of publications that is not yours, email We will correct this.

Our plan is to expand the content of Knowledge Exchange to include scholarly material developed by Education and Quality Improvement by 2022.

Publications that HealthPartners libraries have subscriptions to are accessible from within the HealthPartners Network. If we do not have a subscription to a given journal, you will not be able to link directly to the article. While Knowledge Exchange includes only citations to posters, presentations and conference papers, you may contact the author for access to that material.

The data in Knowledge Exchange is updated quarterly, at a minimum.

Publications are mostly complete starting at 2010. Conference papers and posters go back to 2013. Effort will be made to expand the dates of our scholarly materials as resources are available.

The Altmetrics details page shows the online attention and activity that we’ve found for specific research output.

The co-author graphic, located on the author’s profile, shows collaborators who have authored publications with the selected author, and ranks them by volume of publications co-authored.

The Map of Science leverages the journal that the article was published in to assign the science location. If the article was published in a journal that is not mapped, the article will not map.

The “All authors” tab includes anyone who has authored an article included in Knowledge Exchange. This includes authors who are not, nor have ever been, a HealthPartners employee. It also includes authors who were once employed by HealthPartners, but are no longer with the organization.

Send any general questions or comments on the Knowledge Exchange to: