Birthday celebrations are a big deal, especially those milestone birthdays. It’s just as important to celebrate 65 (you get Medicare!) as it is to celebrate 18 (you get to vote!).

Age 65 is an important age to look at your health insurance options. If you have Medicaid (called Medical Assistance in Minnesota) and you’re about to turn 65 years old, here’s what you can expect to happen.

Next steps for your health plan coverage

Sign up for Medicare

You can have Medical Assistance and Medicare at the same time. So it’s a good idea to sign up for Medicare as soon as you’re eligible.
If you’re getting Social Security benefits, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will automatically sign you up for Medicare Parts A and B. If you aren’t getting Social Security, you’ll need to apply for Medicare through the SSA.

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Review options available in your county

Different health plans are available based on the county where you live. If you already have Medicaid, you’ve been in touch with a county worker who helps you with your plan. As you approach your 65th birthday, your county worker will provide you with a list of options so you can choose the right plan for your needs.

Your options at age 65 include plans called Minnesota Senior Care Plus (MSC+) or Minnesota Senior Health Options (MSHO).

  • Determine if you are dual eligible for Medicare and Medicaid. If you are, a plan that combines the services of both programs may be a good choice for you. You don’t need to worry about coordinating coverage between both programs and can have it all in one.
  • Understand what’s covered in each plan type
  • Compare MSHO vs. MSC+ plans to decide which plan is best for you

Work with a long-term care social worker

If you are in a nursing home or assisted living, the facility’s social worker can help you and your family complete the steps to get the right plan.

Get more info

If you think you’re eligible for an MSC+ or MSHO plan, you can get information from: