2024 Medicare Cost plans in South Dakota

Get more out of Medicare in South Dakota

HealthPartners® Freedom (Cost) plans have the right combination of cost and coverage to fit any lifestyle or budget. Our plans also have extra perks and benefits that aren’t included with Original Medicare, adding even more value. And with our network of more than 79,000 doctors and clinicians, you have the flexibility to get the care you need when you need it, from doctors you know and trust.

Your health is always the priority with a HealthPartners Medicare plan. Most plans include in-network primary care copays of $0 – you can also pick a plan with monthly premiums of $0. That makes it easier find a plan that fits your, and your wallet’s, needs. Here are some more highlights:

Access a trusted network of doctors, clinicians, specialists and experts, including major care systems across South Dakota. No referral needed.

Most plans include in-network coverage for up to nine months of annual domestic travel, plus access to worldwide emergency and urgent care coverage.

All plans feature an annual maximum dental benefit amount for preventive and comprehensive care to help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Most plans include routine hearing exams, SilverSneakers®, allowances for non-Medicare-covered eyewear and select over-the-counter medical products, and more.

Upgrade your South Dakota Medicare experience

Choose from five plans: Valley, Base, Plains, Prairie and Crest.

You’ll be able to see doctors and experts from Sanford Health, Avera Health, Monument Health, Rapid City Medical Center, Prairie Lake Healthcare System, Brookings Health System, Yankton Medical Clinic, Huron Regional Medical Center, Orthopedic Institute and thousands of other care locations in our network. Plus, through Original Medicare, you’ll also have coverage for any provider in the U.S. who accepts Medicare.

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Legal information

*Assist America services are only available during the first 90 consecutive days that you're away from your home and all arrangements must be made through Assist America.

Out-of-network/non-contracted providers are under no obligation to treat HealthPartners members, except in emergency situations. Please call our customer service number or see your Evidence of Coverage for more information, including the cost-sharing that applies to out-of-network services.

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