Collagen tube conduits in peripheral nerve repair: a retrospective analysis Journal Article uri icon


  • A chart review was conducted of all patients receiving NeuraGen(R) conduits from 2002 to 2007 at Regions Hospital, a level I trauma center. Ninety-six patients underwent 126 repairs using NeuraGen(R) conduits, and 64 patients were seen in follow-up. Repairs were largely of upper extremity sensory nerves but six were repairs of nerves elsewhere in the body. There were no intra-operative complications, but there were two minor postoperative complications and one postoperative pulmonary embolus. Forty of 126 repairs were lost to follow-up. Twenty-six of 126 repairs had follow-up with quantitative testing of nerve recovery (2-point discrimination, Semmes-Weinstein, or EMG testing), with 35% reporting improvement and 31% going on to a revision operation. Sixty of 126 repairs had qualitative testing performed (subjective or objective reporting of sensation or motor function), with 45% reporting improvement and 5% going on to a revision operation. Patients who went on to revision surgery were more likely to have undergone quantitative evaluation of sensation. Overall, sensory recovery was in the 35-45% range in our experience. Our results indicate that NeuraGen(R) collagen conduits can be used safely throughout the body.

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  • 2010