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Journal Article
  • Surgeon gender-related differences in operative coding in plastic surgery
    Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 2022
  • Comparison of 24-month outcomes after treatment for distal radius fracture: the WRIST randomized clinical trial
    JAMA network open. 2021
  • What are the tradeoffs in outcomes after casting versus surgery for closed extraarticular distal radius fractures in older patients? A statistical learning model
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  • Patient satisfaction after treatment of distal radial fractures in older adults
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  • Predicting outcomes after distal radius fracture: a 24-center international clinical trial of older adults
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  • The relationship between hand therapy and long-term outcomes after distal radius fracture in older adults: evidence from the Randomized Wrist and Radius Injury Surgical Trial
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  • Cost savings using minimal draping for routine hand procedures
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  • Reflections 1 year into the 21-Center National Institutes of Health--funded WRIST study: a primer on conducting a multicenter clinical trial
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  • Assessment of postoperative venous thromboembolism risk in plastic surgery patients using the 2005 and 2010 Caprini Risk score
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  • Objective structured assessment of technical skill in upper extremity surgery
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  • What's in a word? An argument against patient as "customer"
    Minnesota Health Care News. 2011
  • Collagen tube conduits in peripheral nerve repair: a retrospective analysis
    Hand (New York, N.Y.). 2010
  • What's in a word? An argument against patient as "customer"
    Minn Physician. 2010
  • The management of web space contractures
    Clinics in Plastic Surgery. 2005
  • Chapter
  • Salient healing features of muscles of the face and neck
    Essential tissue healing of the face and neck. 2009
  • Techniques for treating finger infections
    Hand and upper extremity reconstruction. 2009
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