Pick's disease versus Alzheimer's disease: a comparison of clinical characteristics Journal Article uri icon
  • The clinical recognition of Pick's disease depends on its differentiation from Alzheimer's disease (AD). To identify distinguishing clinical features, we reviewed the clinical records of 21 patients with pathologically confirmed Pick's disease and matched them by sex, age of onset, and duration of dementia with 42 patients having pathologically confirmed AD. In the absence of temporal or frontal lobar atrophy on CTs, all the Pick patients and none of the AD patients had three of five clinical features: presenile onset (before age 65), an initial personality change, hyperorality, disinhibition, and roaming behavior. In addition, the Pick patients had a tendency toward reiterative and other speech disturbances. These findings suggest that Pick patients are potentially distinguishable from AD patients on the basis of clinical manifestations.

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  • 1993
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