Analysis of the fight-ending chokes in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship™ mixed martial arts promotion Journal Article uri icon


  • OBJECTIVE: Knowledge of sportive chokes is vital to the practice of Sports Medicine when providing care at mixed martial arts and submission grappling events. This is a descriptive analysis of fight-ending chokes to help provide data on the topic not previously presented. METHODS: An analysis was done on every fight-ending choke in the history of the UFC™ mixed martial arts promotion. Investigators focused on the frequency of chokes, types of chokes, handedness of the chokes, and whether chokes resulted in loss of consciousness. This analysis was done using existing fight outcome reports and video analysis of every choke that ended a fight in UFC™ history. RESULTS: During the study period there were 904 such chokes, comprising 15.5% of fight outcomes and 76.2% of grappling submissions. The makeup of right (50.1%) and left (49.9%) handedness of the chokes has been essentially identical (χ2 [1] = 0.0011, p =.947, phi =.00). Most of the fight-ending chokes culminated in voluntary submission; however, 11% resulted in loss of consciousness. The rear naked choke (RNC) was significantly more frequent than other chokes, comprising 49.1% of the total choke finishes; 19 other choke types accounted for the remaining 50.9%. CONCLUSION: Fight-ending chokes have been common in MMA. Many types of chokes have successfully ended UFC™ fights, with the RNC accounting for almost half of fight-ending chokes. Loss of consciousness occurred in 11% of fight-ending chokes. Right and left handed chokes were utilized equally.

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  • 2022