Equitable well-being, social trust, and the economy: an integrated health system's perspectives on the long-term implications of COVID-19 [review] Review uri icon
  • To address organizational concerns related to the longer-term implications of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and generate priorities for organizational focus, we facilitated an in-depth dialogue and discussion among health system leaders who collectively represented medical, public health, and business expertise. Key insights and observations were identified, prioritized, collected, discussed, and organized into overarching themes. A set of five overarching themes that are considered important themes to be addressed by the larger health system emerged. The five observed themes include: 1) Health disparities persist; 2) physical activity, healthful diet, and healthy weight reduce severe COVID-19 health outcomes; 3) an urgent need exists to rebuild social trust; 4) partnerships and collaborations among public health, business and industry, and health care are central to rebuilding social trust and implementation of equitable and sustainable solutions; and 5) health, well-being, and healing are business imperatives.

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  • 2022
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