Reducing staff time with optimized work flows and standardized Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP) reporting [presentation] Presentation uri icon
  • This research aimed to evaluate feasibility, utility and preference of standardized cloud-based glucose reporting using AGP reports. Seven diverse sites were recruited (n = 144 patients and 16 clinicians). Measures of AGP vs. traditional glucose data acquisition were collected from the patient/family member and clinicians using pre- and post-surveys. Two sites participated in Time in Motion (TIM) and work flow mapping; to ensure that the AGP process was an enhancement to clinical care. Both clinics had patient download self-serve kiosks in their lobbies during this study. Patients entered minimal data and connected the device(s) for download. Download software sent data to the AGP cloud, clinic staff logged onto the AGP system and printed the report. The average patient time to download from sitting down at the computer to a complete download has historically been 4 minutes, 54 seconds. The average time to print a report by the staff is 4 minutes, 45 seconds including time to log onto the AGP site and collect the report from the printer. The staff time for the prior work flows was 8 minutes, 15 seconds (site 1) and 20 minutes (site 2). The AGP process saved on average 3.5 to 15 minutes per patient. Therefore, with practices seeing on average 20 patients per clinician per day; a time savings of 3 minutes result in a per day time savings of 1 hour staff time per clinician. Clinics with 4 clinicians could expect to save 0.5 FTE medical assistant (avg. salary $30,000/yr.) by implementing a standardized AGP download. Additional time saved in the clinical encounter since standardized AGP reporting may facilitate efficient shared decision making.

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