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Richter, Sarah A.
Former Institute Statistician
Publications While At HealthPartners
selected publications
Journal Article
  • Comparing patch vs pen bolus insulin delivery in type 2 diabetes using continuous glucose monitoring metrics and profiles
    Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology. 2022
  • A randomized trial of medical cannabis in patients with stage IV cancers to assess feasibility, dose requirements, impact on pain and opioid use, safety, and overall patient satisfaction
    Supportive Care in Cancer. 2021
  • Impact of pain, opioids, and the mu-opioid receptor on progression and survival in patients with newly diagnosed stage IV pancreatic cancer
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  • Evaluation of insulin glargine and exenatide alone and in combination: a randomized clinical trial with continuous glucose monitoring and ambulatory glucose profile analysis
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  • Impact of opioid use on health care utilization and survival in patients with newly diagnosed stage IV malignancies
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  • Time savings using a standardized glucose reporting system and ambulatory glucose profile
    Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology. 2018
  • Diabetes distress among persons with type 1 diabetes
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  • Diurnal glucose exposure profiles of patients treated with lixisenatide before breakfast or the main meal of the day: an analysis using continuous glucose monitoring
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  • Establishment of personalized pain goals in oncology patients to improve care and decrease costs
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  • Implementation of routine postpartum depression screening and care initiation across a multispecialty health care organization: an 18-month retrospective analysis
    Maternal and child health journal. 2017
  • Providing breast cancer survivorship: lessons learned from a pilot project implementation
    Cancer Nursing. 2017
  • Development and validation of the Screen for Early Eating Disorder Signs (SEEDS) in persons with type 1 diabetes
    Eating disorders. 2016
  • Eating disorders in persons with type 1 diabetes: a focus group investigation of early eating disorder risk
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  • Hospital insulin protocol aims for glucose control in glucocorticoid-induced hyperglycemia
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  • Potential clinical impact of abdominal aortic calcification on bone density lateral spine images
    Journal of Clinical Densitometry. 2016
  • Randomized, blinded trial of vitamin D3 for treating aromatase inhibitor-associated musculoskeletal symptoms (AIMSS)
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  • Do symptom-specific stages of change predict eating disorder treatment outcome?
    Eating and weight disorders. 2015
  • Poor outcome and death among youth, young adults, and midlife adults with eating disorders: an investigation of risk factors by age at assessment
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  • The meaning of (quality of) life in patients with eating disorders: a comparison of generic and disease-specific measures across diagnosis and outcome
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  • Characteristics of persons with an eating disorder and type 1 diabetes and psychological comparisons with persons with an eating disorder and no diabetes
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  • No change in physician dictation patterns when visit notes are made available online for patients
    Mayo Clinic Proceedings. 2011
  • Number of different purging behaviors used among women with eating disorders: psychological, behavioral, self-efficacy and quality of life outcomes
    Eating disorders. 2011
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