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  • Physical activity promotion in the evolving work landscape 2023
  • An email coaching option increases participant program utilization and coach productivity 2022
  • Assessing physical activity, sedentary behavior, and cardiorespiratory fitness in worksite health promotion 2019
  • Editor's desk: promoting physical activity in the workplace 2019
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  • The drop it at last study: six-month results of a phone-based weight loss trial 2010
  • Characteristics of adults who use prayer as an alternative therapy 2005
  • The relationship of stage of change for smoking cessation to stage of change for fruit and vegetable consumption and physical activity in a health plan population 2004
  • Creating a new vision for health promotion: taking a profession to a new level of effectiveness in improving health 2003
  • Leadership and achieving a vision--how does a profession lead a nation? 2003
  • Smoking cessation attempts in relation to prior health care charges: the effect of antecedent smoking-related symptoms? 2003
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