An email coaching option increases participant program utilization and coach productivity Journal Article uri icon
  • PURPOSE: To assess impact of adding an email option to phone-based coaching on the number of coaching sessions completed. DESIGN: Retrospective analysis of a change in program design. SETTING: A health plan health and wellness coaching service. SUBJECTS: Six thousand six hundred twenty four individuals who scheduled at least one coaching session. INTERVENTION: Adding an email option to phone coaching May 1 to August 31, 2020. MEASURES: Association of a participant using an email coaching option with completing 3 coaching sessions; overall number of participants completing 3 coaching sessions when email is offered; participant satisfaction rates; and, average number of participants coached per coach by month. ANALYSIS: χ(2); linear and logistic regression with gender, age, and education as covariates. RESULTS: When we offered email coaching, 29.6% of eligible participants used the option, and compared with the same months the prior year, the proportion of participants completing 3 sessions during those months was higher (73% vs 67%). (P < .0001) 96.5% of participants who used email, vs 92.0% who did not, completed 3 sessions before their employer's benefit qualifying deadline. (P < .0001) More than 85% who responded to the email coaching survey expressed satisfaction. On average, each coach served 43% (486 vs 340) more participants per month when we offered email coaching. (P < .0001). CONCLUSION: Adding email coaching to phone coaching can increase program utilization by individuals who use email, increase overall program utilization, generate high levels of participant satisfaction, and increase the number of participants served per coach.

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