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Senior Investigator and Medical Director for Well-Being
About me

HealthPartners titles: Cardiologist and epidemiologist, medical director for well-being for the health plan

Academic appointment: Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Minnesota

Other offices: Consultant to the World Health Organization (WHO) on the prevention and management of chronic diseases, member of the faculty of the WHO’s noncommunicable disease-prevention course.

Joined the Institute: 2004

Education and training: MD, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis; MSPH, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; postdoctoral training, University of Minnesota.

Overview/research interests: Building community-based heart disease-prevention programs; 204 peer-reviewed papers, 3 books, 41 book chapters and 40 invited editorials. Member of both the first US Preventive Services Task Force and the federal panels that authored evidence-based guidelines for treating tobacco dependence (issued by the US Public Health Service in June 2000 and by the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research in 1996). While professor of medicine at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Rochester, Minn., he developed and directed CardioVision 2020, a project to make Olmsted County, Minn. the healthiest county in the country by 2020. He also helped build the Southeastern Minnesota Women’s Health Project to increase screening rates for breast and cervical cancer.

Interests include measuring and promoting well-being, addressing the social determinants of health, delivery of preventive services and prevention of chronic diseases through lifestyle interventions.

Current research activities and funding:

  • Creating a measurable definition of health and well-being to permit measurement of the Triple Aim performance
  • Promoting population well-being through lifestyle interventions directed at nutrition, physical activity, abstinence from tobacco, prudent use of alcohol, sleep and healthy thinking
  • Designing office systems to improve the care of patients with chronic conditions
  • Sr. Research Investigator , Health and well-being
  • Senior Research Investigator, Community and population health 2004 -
  • Publications
    selected publications
    Journal Article
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  • It’s important to hear and learn from youth experiencing homelessness in the Twin Cities
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  • Editorial Article
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  • Chapter
  • Case study: the power of community in population health: PowerUp for kids
    Population health: creating a culture of wellness. 2015
  • Causation of common cardiovascular problems
    AMA guides to the evaluation of diseases and injury causation. 2013
  • Health promotion in health systems
    Lifestyle medicine. 2013
  • Audio-Visual Document
  • A nurse-led system to improve evidence-based cardiac care in primary care clinics [presentation]
  • BET-CI: a benefit estimating tool for cardiac interventions [presentation]
  • Choosing wisely [presentation]
  • Choosing wisely [presentation]
  • Cost and quality trade-offs in a well-being survey of HealthPartners patient members [presentation]
  • Cost and quality trade-offs in a well-being survey of HealthPartners patient members [presentation], American Association for Public Opinion Research 70th Annual Conference
  • Developing and deploying evidence-based clinical decision support (CDS) for aspirin use at the point-of-care [presentation], Minnesota Health Services Research 17th Annual Conference
  • History and future of community-based chronic disease prevention programs [presentation]
  • How to strengthen integrated prevention in health services [presentation]
  • Hyperlipidemia management [presentation]
  • Hyperlipidemia management [presentation]
  • Hypertension in the elderly [presentation]
  • Improving EHR functionality to increase Minnesota health score performance for vascular disease patients in a private practice [presentation]
  • Improving care for patients with high CV risk [presentation]
  • Lipid abnormalities among foreign and U.S. born patients in a medical group [presentation], Prehypertension and Cardiometabolic Syndrome 2nd International Conference
  • Medical knowledge behind integrated NCD (non-communicable diseases) prevention [presentation]
  • Practical tips to reduce heart disease risk in women [presentation]
  • Predicted health and economic impact from the elimination of industrially-produced trans fatty acids in the United States [presentation]
  • Proton pump inhibitor use and the risk of adverse cardiovascular events in aspirin-treated patients with coronary artery disease [presentation]
  • Social determinants of health [presentation]
  • Summary measures of health and well-being [presentation]
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