Piquing their “Pinterest”: a qualitative study to format and deliver complex fish consumption guidelines to women who are or could become pregnant Journal Article uri icon
  • The topic of safe fish consumption among women is complex both in its audience (women who are or could become pregnant) and its message (it is important to eat fish for its many nutritional benefits but because mercury levels vary by species, it is important to make informed choices about which species to eat). These complexities have led to confusion and fish avoidance in this population. Ideal messages about fish consumption have been suggested in the literature, but a more nuanced approach to message delivery that addresses subtleties, such as style and format of information, is needed for women to optimally use the materials. To explore how to package and deliver messages that describe and promote safe fish consumption, we conducted focus groups among women in our target population. Findings were used to design a visually appealing brochure and interactive, mobile-responsive website with recipes and a format that echoes and links to Pinterest. By delivering complex messages using a mode (easily accessible), style (photo-centric) and format (interactive, with recipes similar to Pinterest) desired by women, we have created an opportunity for repeated exposure to appealing fish images and recipes. Ideally, such exposure also piques curiosity and encourages women to seek out more complex fish information and consume safe fish during pregnancy.

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  • 2018
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