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Katz, Abigail S., PhD
Former Research Associate and Analytics Consultant, Health and Care Engagement

Joined the Institute: 2010

Education and training: PhD, social policy, Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University; Research fellowship, Division of General Pediatrics and Adolescent Health, University of Minnesota Medical School.

Overview/research interests: Dr. Katz’s research interests include population health improvement and workplace wellness.

Research activities and funding:

  • The association between organizational-level workplace characteristics and individual-level employee health
  • Evaluation of wellness interventions at the workplace
  • Disseminating patient education materials to target populations using mixed methods

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Publications While At HealthPartners
selected publications
Journal Article
  • Survey-based evaluation of a fish consumption information dissemination campaign within an integrated health system: learnings from ChooseYourFish
    Journal of Primary Care & Community Health. 2023
  • Behaviors, beliefs, and recommendations to optimize promotion of safe fish consumption before and during pregnancy: a physician survey
    Journal of Primary Care & Community Health. 2022
  • Promoting fish consumption messages: perspectives of hmong women of childbearing age
    American Journal of Health Behavior. 2021
  • Perceived workplace health and safety climates: associations with worker outcomes and productivity
    American Journal of Preventive Medicine. 2019
  • Responses to a social media campaign promoting safe fish consumption among women
    Preventing Chronic Disease. 2019
  • The 2018 physical activity guidelines for Americans II: associations between social determinants of health and meeting guidelines for physical activity among employees
    ACSMs Health Fitness J. 2019
  • The 2018 physical activity guidelines for Americans: addressing signal events at the workplace to prevent disease
    ACSMs Health Fitness J. 2019
  • Piquing their “Pinterest”: a qualitative study to format and deliver complex fish consumption guidelines to women who are or could become pregnant
  • Concordance between life satisfaction and six elements of well-being among respondents to a health assessment survey, HealthPartners Employees, Minnesota, 2011
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  • Congruence of organizational self-score and audit-based organizational assessments of workplace health capabilities: an analysis of the HealthLead Workplace Accreditation
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  • Health, function, and performance benefits of workplace strength training programs
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  • Sit, stand, learn: using workplace wellness sit-stand results to improve student behavior and learning
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  • The association between optimal lifestyle-related health behaviors and employee productivity
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  • Telephone-based support for weight loss surgery: a practice-based program evaluation
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  • The association between optimal lifestyle adherence and short-term incidence of chronic conditions among employees
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