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  • Does KRAS testing in metastatic colorectal cancer impact overall survival? A comparative effectiveness study in a population-based sample
    PloS One. 2014
  • KRAS testing and epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitor treatment for colorectal cancer in community settings
    Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention. 2013
  • Oncologists' attitudes toward KRAS testing: a multisite study
    Cancer medicine. 2013
  • A randomized clinical trial evaluating online interventions to improve fruit and vegetable consumption
    American Journal of Public Health. 2010
  • Body mass index measurement and obesity prevalence in ten U.S. health plans
    Clinical Medicine & Research. 2010
  • Engagement and retention: measuring breadth and depth of participant use of an online intervention
    Journal of Medical Internet Research. 2010
  • A comparison of smokers' and nonsmokers' fruit and vegetable intake and relevant psychosocial factors
    Behavioral Medicine. 2009
  • Cost analyses of a web-based behavioral intervention to enhance fruit and vegetable consumption
    The International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity. 2009
  • Focus groups inform a web-based program to increase fruit and vegetable intake
    Patient Education and Counseling. 2009
  • Recruitment to a randomized web-based nutritional intervention trial: characteristics of participants compared to non-participants
    Journal of Medical Internet Research. 2009
  • Effect of incentives and mailing features on online health program enrollment
    American Journal of Preventive Medicine. 2008
  • Effect of incentives and mailing features on online health program enrollment Am J Prev Med
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