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  • Characterization of regional poison center utilization through geospatial mapping
    Western Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2020
  • Fatal yellow oleander poisoning masquerading as benign candlenut ingestion taken for weight loss
    Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2020
  • Persistent hyperinsulinemia following high-dose insulin therapy: a case report
    Journal of Medical Toxicology. 2020
  • Urine drug screens in the emergency department: the best test may be no test at all
    Journal of Emergency Nursing. 2020
  • Use of a porcine model to evaluate the risks and benefits of vasopressors in propranolol poisoning
    Journal of Medical Toxicology. 2020
  • Availability of bedside and laboratory testing for carbon monoxide poisoning in the upper midwestern United States
    Western Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2019
  • Calling for change: gender equity in salutations for letters to the editor
    Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.). 2018
  • Death after bite from severed snake head
    Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.). 2018
  • The treatment of maternal and fetal anticholinergic toxicity with physostigmine
    Toxicology communications. 2018
  • A 15-year retrospective review of brake fluid exposures in children from a single poison center
    Toxicology communications. 2017
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the prevention of arterial gas embolism in food grade hydrogen peroxide ingestion
    American Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2017
  • A prospective study of ketamine versus haloperidol for severe prehospital agitation
    Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.). 2016
  • Refractory hypotension and "ventricular fibrillation" with large U waves after overdose
    JAMA internal medicine. 2016
  • Synthetic drugs of abuse: treating the toxidrome
  • An acutely altered toddler
    Pediatric Emergency Care. 2014
  • Asystole immediately following intravenous fat emulsion for overdose
    Journal of Medical Toxicology. 2014
  • The poison pen: how confident are we about iocane?
    Journal of Medical Toxicology. 2014
  • A blinded, randomized, controlled trial of three doses of high-dose insulin in poison-induced cardiogenic shock
    Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.). 2013
  • A life-threatening flecainide overdose treated with intravenous fat emulsion
    Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology. 2013
  • Massive atropine eye drop ingestion treated with high-dose physostigmine to avoid intubation
    Western Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2012
  • Response to "the first published case of a pediatric diphenhydramine overdose whose electrocardiogram shows terminal 40-millisecond frontal plane QRS axis deviation"
    Pediatric Emergency Care. 2012
  • Reversal of quetiapine-induced altered mental status with physostigmine: a case series
    American Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2012
  • Cardiotoxic overdose treated with intravenous fat emulsion and high-dose insulin in the setting of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
    Journal of Medical Toxicology. 2011
  • High-dose insulin: a consecutive case series in toxin-induced cardiogenic shock
    Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.). 2011
  • What toxicity may result from the xenobiotic responsible for the finding on this plain film? Answer: reduced iron, found in heating pads and instant hand warmers, may result in elevated serum iron concentrations and subsequent iron toxicity
    Journal of Medical Toxicology. 2011
  • Wide complex tachycardia in a pediatric diphenhydramine overdose treated with sodium bicarbonate
    Pediatric Emergency Care. 2011
  • "I Shouldn't Have Had Dessert..." A Moonflower Seed Ingestion
    Western Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2010
  • Addition of phenylephrine to high-dose insulin in dihydropyridine overdose does not improve outcome
    Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.). 2010
  • Intentional overdose with cardiac arrest treated with intravenous fat emulsion and high-dose insulin
    Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.). 2010
  • Chapter
  • Cardiovascular drugs
    Rosen's emergency medicine: concepts and clinical practice. 2013
  • Abstract
  • Apnea in a child following dermal exposure to compounded pain cream [abstract]
    Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.). 2017
  • Diphenhydramine use disorder and withdrawal on hospital admission [abstract]
    Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.). 2017
  • A prospective study of ketamine versus haloperidol for severe prehospital agitaiton [abstract]
    Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.). 2015
  • Near death experience with baclofen and the role of the poison center [abstract]
    Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.). 2015
  • Physostigmine reversal of baclofen? Inadvertent administration of intrathecal physostigmine [abstract]
    Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.). 2015
  • Prolonged sodium nitroprusside infusion resulting in fatal cyanide poisoning during national sodium thiosulfate shortage [abstract]
    Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.). 2015
  • Use of tissue perfusion monitoring to titrate high dose insulin in beta blocker and calcium channel blocker overdose [abstract]
    Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.). 2015
  • Pediatric bupropion overdose mimics clinical brain death [abstract]
    Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.). 2014
  • A tale of two treatments: use of percutaneous left ventricular assist device (impella) and hyperbaric oxygen therapy for quinine overdose [abstract]
    Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.). 2013
  • Another role for poison center surveillance: the case of the “frequent flier” [abstract]
    Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.). 2013
  • Cardiac manifestations during treatment with ibogaine [abstract]
    Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.). 2013
  • Cost of continuous fomepizole during hemodialysis for methanol toxicity [abstract]
    Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.). 2013
  • Forensic toxicology: killer caffeine [abstract]
    Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.). 2013
  • Hydroxychloroquine overdose treated successfully with intravenous fat emulsion [abstract]
    Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.). 2013
  • Non-expected metaxalone symptoms [abstract]
    Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.). 2013
  • Surfactant administration as treatment for respiratory failure following hydrocarbon aspiration [abstract]
    Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.). 2013
  • Yellow oleander toxicity caused by naturopathic use for weight loss [abstract]
    Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.). 2013
  • Comparison of vasopressors versus placebo in beta blocker toxicity in a porcine model [abstract]
    Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.). 2012
  • The role of early notification from a social networking site in intentional cyanide ingestion [abstract]
    Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.). 2012
  • A recipe for disaster: detectable digoxin concentration after an isolated ingestion of milkweed [abstract]
    Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.). 2011
  • Surreptitious steroid ingestion resulting in factitious Cushing's syndrome: sometimes sendouts make the diagnosis [abstract]
    Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.). 2011
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