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DeSilva, Malini B., MD, MPH uri icon
Research Associate

Other offices/titles: Staff physician, HealthPartners Department of Infectious Diseases and Travel and Tropical Medicine Center; staff physician, St. Paul-Ramsey County Tuberculosis Clinic

Year joined the Institute: 2019

Education and training: MD, Mayo Medical School, Rochester, MN; MPH, University of Minnesota School of Public Health, Minneapolis; Certificate of Tropical Medicine, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

Overview/research interests: Refugee health, vaccine-preventable diseases, health disparities, and integration of public health and medicine.

Current research activities and funding:

  • Vaccine Safety DataLink
  • Effectiveness of Maternal Tdap Administration on Infant Pertussis Disease
  • Team-Based and Technology-Drive Adherence Intervention to Improve Chronic Disease Outcomes
  • Hotspotting Cardiometabolic Disparities for Simulated Advances in Population Care
  • The CENTER: Center of Excellence, a Network for Training and Epidemiology in Refugee Health



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