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Haus, Erhard, MD
Former Institute Research Investigator
Publications While At HealthPartners
selected publications
Journal Article
  • Risk of obesity in male shift workers: a chronophysiological approach
    Chronobiology International. 2016
  • 2013 Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring recommendations for the diagnosis of adult hypertension, assessment of cardiovascular and other hypertension-associated risk, and attainment of therapeutic goals (summary). Joint recommendations from the International Society for Chronobiology (ISC), American Association of Medical Chronobiology and Chronotherapeutics (AAMCC), Spanish Society of Applied Chronobiology, Chronotherapy, and Vascular Risk (SECAC), Spanish Society of Atherosclerosis (SEA), and Romanian Society of Internal Medicine (RSIM)
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  • Differing paradecadal cycles, semidecadal/decadal amplitude ratios and vascular variability anomalies in the physiology of a physician-scientist
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  • Relevance of chronobiology to the research and clinical practice of neurorehabilitation
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  • Rheumatoid arthritis: circadian rhythms in disease activity, signs and symptoms, and rationale for chronotherapy with corticosteroids and other medications
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  • Tribute to Israel E. Ashkenazi 1934-2011
    Chronobiology International. 2012
  • Acute exposure to 50-Hz magnetic fields increases interleukin-6 in young healthy men
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  • Shift work and cancer - considerations on rationale, mechanisms, and epidemiology
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  • Effects of naps at work on the sleepiness of 12-hour night shift nursing personnel
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  • Working memory capacity is decreased in sleep-deprived internal medicine residents
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  • Creatinine clearance and blood pressure: a 34-year circadian study
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  • Chronobiology in the endocrine system
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  • Chronobiology of hemostasis and inferences for the chronotherapy of coagulation disorders and thrombosis prevention
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  • Circadian disruption in shiftwork is probably carcinogenic to humans
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  • Biological clocks and shift work: circadian dysregulation and potential long-term effects
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  • Health and performance factors in health care shift workers
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  • Chronobiology of the mammalian response to ionizing radiation. Potential applications in oncology
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  • Circadian rhythms of basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF), epidermal growth factor (EGF), insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 (IGFBP-3), cortisol, and melatonin in women with breast cancer
    Chronobiology International. 2001
  • Editorial Article
  • Chronobiology in oncology [editorial]
    International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics.  73. 2009
  • Chapter
  • Shiftwork, light by night and cancer
    Breakthroughs in Natural Healing 2012. 2012
  • Abstract
  • Pilot study of sleep disturbance and lung disease in older adults [abstract]
    American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. 2010
  • presentations
  • Advances in rheumatoid arthritis: early diagnosis and a focus on chronobiology [presentation]
  • Body weight, duration of shift work exposure and age [presentation]
  • Chronobiology and chronomics at Saint Paul Ramsey Medical Center/Regions Hospital [presentation]
  • Chronobiology of aging - laboratory observations [presentation], International Society of Chronobiology 26th Conference
  • Circadian disruption and carcinogenesis [presentation]
  • Circadian disruption and carcinogenesis: mechanistic considerations [presentation]
  • Circadian rhythms in urinary cortisol and 6-sulfatoxy melatonin in Brazilian nurses on day and night shifts [presentation]
  • Circadian variations in lymphocytes, lymphocyte function and cytokines [presentation], Cytokine & Inflammation 10th Annual Conference
  • Circannual variation in endocrine pattern [presentation], International Society of Chronobiology 26th Conference
  • Does shiftwork lead to cancer [presentation]?
  • Effects of 50-Hz magnetic field on cytokine production in young healthy men [presentation], European Bioelectromagnetic Association 10th International Conference
  • Seasonal variation in endocrine patterns [presentation], HealthPartners Research Foundation Celebration of Research Annual Conference
  • Steuerung des zirkadianen Rhythmus (Control of circadian rhythms) [presentation]
  • The multifrequency time organization in hematology: from cell count to clock mechanism--clinical relevance [presentation], Conference on the History and Philosophy of Biological Rhythms
  • The relation between melatonin MT1 receptor and oncotype recurrence score in HER2 positive and negative breast cancers [presentation]
  • Working memory capacity is decreased in sleep-deprived internal medicine residents [presentation]
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