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  • Association of cardiovascular outcomes and mortality with sustained long-acting insulin only vs long-acting plus short-acting insulin treatment
    JAMA network open. 2021
  • Comparison of mortality and major cardiovascular events among adults with type 2 diabetes using human vs analogue insulins
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  • Medication adherence does not explain black-white differences in cardiometabolic risk factor control among insured patients with diabetes
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  • An innovative approach to informing research: gathering perspectives on diabetes care challenges from an online patient community
  • Methods for engaging stakeholders in comparative effectiveness research: a patient-centered approach to improving diabetes care
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  • Accuracy of hemoglobin A1c imputation using fasting plasma glucose in diabetes research using electronic health records data
  • Diabetes care and outcomes for American Indians and Alaska natives in commercial integrated delivery systems: a SUrveillance, PREvention, and ManagEment of Diabetes Mellitus (SUPREME-DM) Study
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  • Initial persistence with antihypertensive therapies is associated with depression treatment persistence, but not depression
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  • Trends in time to confirmation and recognition of new-onset hypertension, 2002-2006
    Hypertension (Dallas, Tex.. 2010
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  • Comparative effectiveness of adaptive treatment strategies
    Targeted learning in data science: causal inference for complex longitudinal studies (Springer series in statistics). 2018
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