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  • Are outcomes from diabetes self-management education sustained? A randomized controlled trial [abstract]
    Diabetes. 2012
  • Improved glycemic control from diabetes self-management education is not sustained [abstract]
    Clinical Medicine & Research. 2012
  • Season, daylight, and A1c levels [abstract]
    Clinical Medicine & Research. 2012
  • A comparison of group and individual education for patients with sub-optimally controlled type 2 diabetes: a randomized controlled trial [abstract 232-OR]
    Diabetes. 2011
  • Factors influencing completion in the IDEA diabetes education study [abstract]
    Clinical Medicine & Research. 2011
  • Journey for control of diabetes: the Interactive Dialogue to Educate and Activate (IDEA) Study – short-term results of a randomized controlled trial [abstract]
    Clinical Medicine & Research. 2011
  • Regional variation in response to diabetes education in the IDEA Study [abstract]
    Clinical Medicine & Research. 2011
  • The relationship between depression and completion of recommended self-management education [abstract 752-P]
    Diabetes. 2011
  • Identifying the underlying factors for diabetes care and attitudes [abstract]
    Value in Health. 2010
  • Short-term results of a randomized clinical trial of diabetes education on patient empowerment and psychological attributes [abstract]
    Diabetes. 2010
  • The relationship between depression and attitudes, self-efficacy, self-care adherence and A1c in patients with suboptimally controlled diabetes [abstract]
    Diabetes. 2010
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