Looking for a more convenient, affordable way to manage your Medicare and Medicaid plans? If you’re over 65 years old and participate in both programs, you might be eligible for a low- or no-cost dual plan, such as the Minnesota Senior Health Options (MSHO) plan.

Let’s take a closer look at how dual Medicare and Medicaid coverage works and what you can expect from MSHO in terms of cost.

How do no- or low-cost Medicare and Medicaid plans work?

MSHO combines Medicaid (called Medical Assistance in Minnesota) and Medicare Parts A, B and D in one plan. It has coverage for all these types of care: hospital, medical, dental, prescription drugs, home and community-based services, long-term care, and extra benefits to support healthy living.

Health care cost What you pay if you have a Minnesota Senior Health Options (MSHO) plan
Monthly premium
Medical Assistance $0
Medicare Part A $0
Medicare Part B $0
Medicare Part D $0
Deductible $0
Covered medical services in network $0
Outpatient prescription drugs $0 or a small copay, depending on your income or if you live in a long-term care facility

Learn how to get Medicare and Medicaid in one plan

If you think you’re eligible for an MSHO plan, you can get information from:

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