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I need someone to partner with me

Did you know that one in five will experience some type of mental health condition in their lifetime? Mental illness can happen at any time. And it’s more common than you might realize. The good news? You are not alone. You can become your best self when you have the right care team by your side. Life can get better – and we are here to help make it happen.

If you need immediate help, call 612-339-3663 for the 24/7 Nurse CareLine or dial 911

Compassionate, non-judgmental support

We are here to provide support and help you become your best self. First, we start by assembling the right support team. Your team could include one or several mental health professionals. All of your specialists communicate and coordinate your care plan. We make sure you get the most beneficial treatment, which could include:

  • Individual therapy, group therapy or family therapy
  • Medication evaluations and management
  • Pain management and support
  • Psychological testing
  • Recovery prevention planning
  • Specialized services for children with ADHD and learning difficulties. For more info call 612-341-6800.
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I want to schedule a mental health appointment

You do not need a referral. To schedule an appointment, call 952-967-7992.

I want to find a primary care doctor

Many people start with primary care for mental health issues. If you haven’t been to a doctor in a while, the first step is to find a HealthPartners primary care doctor.

Once you are seen by one of our HealthPartners doctors, you can request to schedule an appointment with one of our mental health specialists.

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