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Creating a path of care

When someone you love has memory or cognitive disorders, each day has new challenges. It could be dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or age-related memory loss. We can help determine what is causing the memory loss and be a guide for you. We have the right health care and research professionals to provide patients, family members and caregivers everything they need to help live their best lives. We’ll be with you every step of the way offering cutting edge research and the latest therapies.

What you can expect

  • Coordinated care from a team that includes neurology, neuropsychology, social work, nursing and other specialty areas as needed
  • Access to the latest research information and clinical trials
  • Customized care as your needs change

Wondering what we do?

  • Testing that distinguishes normal memory loss from dementia
  • Provide diagnosis and treatment plans for all types of cognitive disorders
  • Personalized care plan that fits your needs
  • Caregiver and family support resources
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