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Care for adults in long-term living centers

Each stage of life comes with its own health needs. We are doctors and advanced providers who follow a team based approach to care with expertise in medicine for older adults. Our care team connects with seniors where they are living. If you are in a nursing home, transitional care center or an assisted living facility, our doctor and nurse practitioner team can see you there.

What you can expect

  • Options to keep you as healthy as possible
  • Caring professionals who specialize in senior care
  • The right level of care for your need
  • Care coordination
  • Family-focused communication

Wondering what we do?

  • Physicals and preventive care
  • Perform health assessments
  • Create personalized care plans
  • Diagnose and treat illness and injury
  • Offer orthopaedic care (for bone-related conditions)
  • Help care for conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes
  • Healthy living counseling for things like nutrition, exercise and weight control
  • Care for depression, anxiety and other conditions
  • Coordinate other types of care and ongoing care if needed
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