Connecting research, education and patient care

Our impact on health and well-being is driven by the connection of research and education to patient care and the community. We have several centers that focus on these connections.

Cancer Research Center

Through our Cancer Research Center, patients gain access to research at their community hospital or clinic. We offer clinical trial opportunities to patients at all HealthPartners and Park Nicollet cancer clinic locations.

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Center for Chronic Care Innovation

Our goal is to improve the quality of chronic disease care and prevention. We translate research evidence into practice which helps prevent and treat diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, opioid use disorder, depression, serious mental illness and cancer.

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Center for Evaluation and Survey Research

We provide health-related evaluation and survey services to HealthPartners departments and the broader research community to improve health and well-being of our patients, members and community. We support programs in measuring their impact on every aspect of care from quality and cost to experience.

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Center for Memory and Aging

Through our innovative research, we improve the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurologic disorders. We also educate and serve as a resource by bringing together patients, families, research centers, universities and pharmaceutical companies.

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Critical Care Research Center

Our practice-based team at Regions Hospital conducts innovative projects that span the patient care continuum — from the 911 call to the day the patient leaves the hospital. We focus on understanding the work of clinicians in the critical care environment, identifying best practices and exploring innovations in care delivery.

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International Diabetes Center

For more than 50 years, our mission has been to ensure that every person with diabetes or at risk for diabetes receives the best possible care. We are known throughout the world for patient education, professional training, research and models for patient-centered care and quality improvement.

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