Our research in oncology encompasses the full spectrum of cancer care including cancer prevention, screening and early detection, diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship, as part of the Metro-Minnesota Community Oncology Research Consortium (MMCORC). Areas of focus for our group include electronic monitoring of symptoms and use of cannabis in oncology patients. Aims of the center are to promote access to clinical trials, to share the results this research, and to advance the science of cancer treatment and care delivery. 

  • Hurley, Peter J., MD   Sr, Investigator  
  • Affiliation
    Faculty Position
  • Anderson, Daniel M., MD, MPH, Principal Investigator, Metro-Minnesota Community Oncology Research Consortium 2003 -
  • Blazar, Michael B., MD, Research Investigator & Oncologist 2019 -
  • Chen, Cathleen, MD, Hematologist/Oncologist
  • Demel, Kurt C., MD, MBA, Investigator, Metro-Minnesota Community Oncology Research Consortium
  • Ganesan, Chitra, MBBS, Hematologist/Oncologist
  • Hurley, Peter J., MD, Research Investigator
  • Hurley, Randy W., MD, Investigator, Metro-Minnesota Community Oncology Research Consortium 1995 -
  • Jaffe, Jeffrry P., MD, Investigator, Metro-Minnesota Community Oncology Research Consortium
  • Jahagirdar, Balkrishna N., MBBS, Investigator, Metro-Minnesota Community Oncology Research Consortium
  • Ji, Yan, MD, PhD, MS, Hematologist/Oncologist
  • Kubiak, Kendra, MD, Hematologist/Oncologist
  • Larson, Brenda, MD, Oncologist
  • Lerner, Rachel E., MD, MS, Co-director of oncology research, HealthPartners Institute, and investigator, Metro-Minnesota Community Oncology Research Consortium
  • McCormack, Steve E. MD, Investigator, Metro-Minnesota Community Oncology Research Consortium
  • Menge, Mark R., MD, Oncologist
  • Moore, Kathryn, MD, Hematologist/Oncologist
  • Rabenau, Karen E., MD, Hematologist/Oncologist
  • Shapiro, Alice C., PhD, RDN, Senior Research Scientist
  • Sherman, Melissa M., MD, Hematologist/Oncologist
  • Spomer, Amy, MD, Oncologist
  • Wadhwa, Punit, MD, Hematologist/Oncologist
  • Wilkowske, Mark, MD, Oncologist
  • Zylla, Dylan M., MD, MS, Investigator, Metro-Minnesota Community Oncology Research Consortium 2012 -
  • Publications While At HealthPartners
    selected publications
    Journal Article
  • PRESTO: a phase III, open-label study of intensification of androgen blockade in patients with high-risk biochemically relapsed castration-sensitive prostate cancer (AFT-19)
    Journal of Clinical Oncology. 2024
  • Development and validation of an integrative pan-solid tumor predictor of PD-1/PD-L1 blockade benefit
    Commun Med (Lond). 2023
  • Life-threatening "hyper-progression" on immunotherapy revealed as pseudo-progression in DNA mismatch repair deficiency: a case report
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  • Validation of immunotherapy response score as predictive of pan-solid tumor anti-PD-1/PD-L1 benefit
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  • Effect of electronic symptom monitoring on patient-reported outcomes among patients with metastatic cancer: a randomized clinical trial
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  • Organizational characteristics and smoking cessation support in community-based lung cancer screening programs
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  • Orteronel for metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer: a multicenter, randomized, open-label phase III trial (SWOG-1216)
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  • A randomized trial of medical cannabis in patients with stage IV cancers to assess feasibility, dose requirements, impact on pain and opioid use, safety, and overall patient satisfaction
    Supportive Care in Cancer. 2021
  • Association of adiponectin and vitamin D with tumor infiltrating lymphocytes and survival in stage III colon cancer
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  • Monitoring rates of malnutrition risk in outpatient cancer centers utilizing the malnutrition screening tool embedded into the electronic health record
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  • Palbociclib with adjuvant endocrine therapy in early breast cancer (PALLAS): interim analysis of a multicentre, open-label, randomised, phase 3 study
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  • Real-world performance of a comprehensive genomic profiling test optimized for small tumor samples
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  • A randomized phase 2 study of temsirolimus and cetuximab versus temsirolimus alone in recurrent/metastatic, cetuximab-resistant head and neck cancer: the MAESTRO study
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  • Apixaban and dalteparin in active malignancy-associated venous thromboembolism: the ADAM VTE trial
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  • Collection of electronic patient-reported symptoms in patients with advanced cancer using Epic MyChart surveys
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  • Immunoglobulin restores immune responses to BTH1677 in patients with low levels of antibodies to beta-glucan
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  • Impact of pain, opioids, and the mu-opioid receptor on progression and survival in patients with newly diagnosed stage IV pancreatic cancer
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  • Multisite, randomized trial of early integrated palliative and oncology care in patients with advanced lung and gastrointestinal cancer: Alliance A221303
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  • Performance measures based on how adults with cancer feel and function: stakeholder recommendations and feasibility testing in six cancer centers
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  • Phase 1 study of TTC-352 in patients with metastatic breast cancer progressing on endocrine and CDK4/6 inhibitor therapy
    Breast Cancer Research and Treatment. 2020
  • Randomized trial of lenalidomide versus observation in smoldering multiple myeloma
    Journal of Clinical Oncology. 2020
  • Sequencing ipilimumab immunotherapy before or after chemotherapy (nab-paclitaxel and bevacizumab) for the treatment of BRAFwt (BRAF wild-type) metastatic malignant melanoma: results of a study of Academic and Community Cancer Research United (ACCRU) RU261206I
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  • Two malignancies with differential responses to immune checkpoint inhibitors: a case report
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  • Randomized controlled trial of individualized treatment summary and survivorship care plans for hematopoietic cell transplantation survivors
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  • Nivolumab with or without ipilimumab treatment for metastatic sarcoma (Alliance A091401): two open-label, non-comparative, randomised, phase 2 trials
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  • Oncology clinicians and the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program: a survey on medical cannabis practice patterns, barriers to enrollment, and educational needs
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  • Providing breast cancer survivorship: lessons learned from a pilot project implementation
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  • Teaching quality improvement in Tanzania: a model of inter-professional partnership for global health development
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  • Randomized, blinded trial of vitamin D3 for treating aromatase inhibitor-associated musculoskeletal symptoms (AIMSS)
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