We address policies, programs and practices that combine protection from work-related safety and health hazards with promotion of injury and illness prevention to improve worker well-being. Studies address a range of topics including health behaviors and employee productivity, physical and emotional health benefits of reducing prolonged sitting at work, and the use of measurement tools aimed at integrating employee safety and health

Faculty Position
  • Anderson, Paul J. II, MD, HP OEM Regional Occupational Medicine Director
  • Bovard, Ralph S., MD, Program Director, Occupational Medicine Residency
  • Doss, Manoj A., OEM Core Faculty 2020 -
  • Funk, Edwin, MD, OEM Core Faculty
  • Kirkhorn, Steve, Emertius Faculty
  • McKinney, Zeke, MD, MHI, MPH, Research Investigator
  • Sellman, Jonathan S., MD, MPH, EE Health Medical Director
  • Publications While At HealthPartners
    selected publications
    Journal Article
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  • Editorial Article
  • Get a doctor to avoid going to the doctor
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  • Bearing bad news: walking with patients [editorial]
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  • Black MN doctors on COVID-19 vaccine: 'the benefits outweigh the risks'
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  • Engaging the community, one physician at a time [editorial]
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  • Pursuing justice for our black patients and communities [editorial]
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  • The anxiety of underrepresentation [editorial]
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  • The challenges of team-based care [editorial]
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  • The importance of patient trust [editorial]
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  • Maintaining a culture of humanism in medicine [editorial]
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  • Mind the gap: where quality measures fall down [editorial]
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  • Overcoming identity differences to meet the needs of the medically underserved [editorial]
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  • Patients simply want to be heard [editorial]
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  • Proceeding carefully with medical cannabis [editorial]
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  • The problem(s) with board exams [editorial]
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  • Looking to the future [editorial]
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  • Cardiac troponin testing is overused after the rule-in or rule-out of myocardial infarction [editorial]
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  • Chapter
  • Wilderness orthopaedics
    Wilderness medicine. 2012
  • Conference Poster
  • Understanding COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among firefighters: application of the Health Belief Model [poster]
  • Initial phase results of Firefighter Cardiorespiratory Fitness Pilot Study [poster]
  • Analytic evaluation of immunization overutilization rates in Minnesota [poster]
  • The composition of a contemporary occupational medicine practice [poster]
  • The composition of a contemporary occupational medicine practice [poster]
  • DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) critical care pathway [poster]
  • Effects of taconite mining silica and respirable dust exposure on an inflammatory DNA adduct biomarker, M1dG [poster]
  • Effects of taconite mining silica and respirable dust exposure on an inflammatory DNA adduct biomarker, M1dG [poster]
  • Improving packed red blood cell orders, utilization, and management with point-of-care clinical decision support [poster]
  • The use of electronic health record alerts to improve postoperative hand therapy protocol compliance following peripheral nerve repair [poster]
  • The use of order-based CDS alerting to increase the homogeneity of premedication regimens in patients with known contrast allergies [poster]
  • Usage and engagement of a collaborative Wiki for occupational and environmental medicine residents [poster]
  • Usage and engagement of a collaborative Wiki for occupational and environmental medicine residents [poster]
  • Improving packed red blood cell orders, utilization, and management with point-of-care clinical decision support [poster]
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