McKinney, Zeke, MD, MHI, MPH
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Physician, Occupational Medicine and Research Investigator


Affiliations/other offices held: Faculty Physician, HealthPartners Occupational and Environmental Medicine Residency Program; Affiliate Associate Professor, University of Minnesota School of Public Health, Division of Environmental Health Sciences

Joined the Institute: 2016

Education and training: MD and Master of Health Informatics, University of Minnesota Medical School and Institute for Health Informatics; Master of Public Health, University of Minnesota School of Public Health; HealthPartners Occupational and Environmental Medicine Residency

Overview/research interests: Dr. McKinney’s clinical research interests are in preventing work-related illness and injury, improving data-driven decision-making in clinical contexts, environmental toxicology, public safety medicine, managing complex impairment/disability and increasing the health literacy of patients and communities.

Research activities and funding:
• Co-investigator, Pragmatic Trial Comparing Telehealth Care and Optimized Clinic-Based Care for Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure. Funder: Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute
• Principal investigator, Comparison of Body Composition Methods, Cardiorespiratory Fitness, and Obesity in Firefighters. Funder: Hologic, Inc.
• Principal investigator, "Firefighter Soot, Sauna, and Sweat Excretion Pilot Study” funded by the City of St. Paul & the St. Paul Fire Department.
• Co-investigator, Optimizing the Value of PROMs in Improving Care Delivery through Health Information Technology, Funder: AHRQ 
• Co-Principal investigator, Automation and Expansion of Occupational Health Surveillance Systems, funded by the Regions Hospital Red Fund

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