Zeke McKinney, MD, MHI, MPH
Physician, Occupational Medicine and Research Investigator

Affiliations/other offices held: Faculty Physician, HealthPartners Occupational and Environmental Medicine Residency Program; Affiliate Associate Professor, University of Minnesota School of Public Health, Division of Environmental Health Sciences

Joined the Institute: 2016

Education and training: MD and Master of Health Informatics, University of Minnesota Medical School and Institute for Health Informatics; Master of Public Health, University of Minnesota School of Public Health; HealthPartners Occupational and Environmental Medicine Residency

Overview/research interests: Dr. McKinney’s clinical research interests are in preventing work-related illness and injury, improving data-driven decision-making in clinical contexts, environmental toxicology, public safety medicine, managing complex impairment/disability and increasing the health literacy of patients and communities.

Research activities and funding:
• Co-investigator, Pragmatic Trial Comparing Telehealth Care and Optimized Clinic-Based Care for Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure. Funder: Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute
• Principal investigator, Comparison of Body Composition Methods, Cardiorespiratory Fitness, and Obesity in Firefighters. Funder: Hologic, Inc.
• Principal investigator, "Firefighter Soot, Sauna, and Sweat Excretion Pilot Study” funded by the City of St. Paul & the St. Paul Fire Department.
• Co-investigator, Optimizing the Value of PROMs in Improving Care Delivery through Health Information Technology, Funder: AHRQ 
• Co-Principal investigator, Automation and Expansion of Occupational Health Surveillance Systems, funded by the Regions Hospital Red Fund

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  • Publications
    selected publications
    Journal Article
  • Comparing pharmacist-led telehealth care and clinic-based care for uncontrolled high blood pressure: the Hyperlink 3 pragmatic cluster-randomized trial
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  • Comparison of explanatory and pragmatic design choices in a cluster-randomized hypertension trial: effects on enrollment, participant characteristics, and adherence
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  • A mini-epidemic of suspected contact dermatitis to Delta Airlines uniforms
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  • Shots in shops: dispelling COVID-19 misinformation in underrepresented communities
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  • COVID-19 trials protect human rights
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  • An uncommon mechanism for work-related total achilles tendon rupture
  • An uncommon mechanism of work-related partial-thickness triceps tear
  • Case report: initially missed diagnosis of quadriceps partial tendon rupture
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  • Remarkable case of uncorrected type IC tricuspid atresia with adaptive pulmonary trunk dilatation to allow prolonged survival: case report and CT fly-through
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  • Editorial Article
  • Get a doctor to avoid going to the doctor
    MinnesotaSpokesmanRecorder.  2022
  • Bearing bad news: walking with patients [editorial]
    Minnesota Medicine.  104. 2021
  • Black MN doctors on COVID-19 vaccine: 'the benefits outweigh the risks'
    MinnesotaSpokesmanRecorder.  2021
  • Combating fear of the unknown in healthcare worker COVID vaccination [editorial]
    Minnesota Medicine.  104. 2021
  • Invest in tobacco prevention to improve health, ease health disparities [editorial]
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  • Shifting the culture of working while ill [editorial]
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  • Sickle cell trait: an unsound cause of death [editorial]
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  • To protect Black lives, ban menthol tobacco products [editorial]
  • Toward the quadruple aim: caring for oneself [editorial]
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  • Which COVID-19 vaccine to choose [editorial]
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  • Community partnership in clinical research [editorial]
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  • Engaging the community, one physician at a time [editorial]
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  • Pursuing justice for our black patients and communities [editorial]
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  • The anxiety of underrepresentation [editorial]
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  • The challenges of team-based care [editorial]
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  • The importance of patient trust [editorial]
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  • Maintaining a culture of humanism in medicine [editorial]
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  • Mind the gap: where quality measures fall down [editorial]
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  • Overcoming identity differences to meet the needs of the medically underserved [editorial]
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  • Patients simply want to be heard [editorial]
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  • Proceeding carefully with medical cannabis [editorial]
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  • The problem(s) with board exams [editorial]
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  • Looking to the future [editorial]
    Minnesota Medicine.  101. 2018
  • Cardiac troponin testing is overused after the rule-in or rule-out of myocardial infarction [editorial]
    Clinical Chemistry.  61. 2015
  • Teaching
    teaching overview
  • Specialty: Occupational Medicine

    Title: Assistant Director, Occupational Medicine Residency Program

    Faculty Appointment: Core faculty, Occupational Medicine Residency Program

    Education and Training:

    Medical School: University of Minnesota Medical School

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  • Zeke McKinney, MD, MHI, MPH
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