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Crain, Lauren, PhD uri icon
Sr. Research Investigator and Statistician


Joined the Institute: 2001

Education and training: PhD, social psychology, University of Kansas; MS, social psychology, University of California, Santa Cruz.

Overview/research interests: Psychological and social factors related to the initiation and maintenance of preventive health behavior; analysis of correlated data structures, including group-randomized interventions, repeated measures designs, and hierarchically structured observational data; and structural equation modeling.

Current research activities and funding:

  • Co-investigator on several federally funded projects focusing on preventive health behaviors, including randomized trials targeting physical activity and weight maintenance (Net-WORKS, Healthy Homes/Healthy Kids, Keep It Off, Keep Active Minnesota) and an observational study of working mothers to assess intra-individual relationships between work-family balance and preventive health behaviors
  • Co-investigator on two hierarchically structured cross-sectional surveys of academic researchers investigating relationships between perceptions of the research climate, organizational justice, and responsible conduct of research (Procedural Justice, Identity and Research Integrity; Propagating the Uniform Research Integrity Climate Assessment)
  • Co-investigator, DIAMOND Study: Evaluation of a Natural Experiment to Improve Statewide Depression Care in Minnesota, which uses staggered implementation to evaluate system-level changes in the treatment of depression in primary care clinics across Minnesota



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