Jared M. Fine, PhD
Research Associate, Center for Memory & Aging

Education and training: PhD, physiology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis; MS, University of Minnesota.

Overview/research interests: Development of intranasal drug-delivery technologies for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

Current research activities and funding:

  • Efficacy and biochemical mechanisms of treatment with intranasal deferoxamine and insulin in models of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
  • Mechanisms of delivery from the nasal cavity to the brain
  • Research Associate, Neuroscience Research Centers 2006 -
  • Publications While At HealthPartners
    selected publications
    Journal Article
  • Intranasal deferoxamine can improve memory in healthy C57 mice, suggesting a partially non-disease-specific pathway of functional neurologic improvement
    Brain and behavior. 2020
  • Intranasal delivery of low-dose insulin ameliorates motor dysfunction and dopaminergic cell death in a 6-OHDA rat model of Parkinson's Disease
    Neuroscience Letters. 2020
  • Intranasal coadministration of a diazepam prodrug with a converting enzyme results in rapid absorption of diazepam in rats
    Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. 2019
  • Quantifying intranasally administered deferoxamine in rat brain tissue with mass spectrometry
    ACS Chemical Neuroscience. 2019
  • Rescue therapies for seizure emergencies: new modes of administration
    Epilepsia. 2018
  • Intranasal deferoxamine affects memory loss, oxidation, and the insulin pathway in the streptozotocin rat model of Alzheimer's disease
    Journal of the Neurological Sciences. 2017
  • Food consumption and activity levels increase in rats following intranasal Hypocretin-1
    Neuroscience Letters. 2016
  • Intranasal deferoxamine engages multiple pathways to decrease memory loss in the APP/PS1 model of amyloid accumulation
    Neuroscience Letters. 2015
  • . 2008;157:908-25]
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  • Intranasally-administered deferoxamine mitigates toxicity of 6-OHDA in a rat model of Parkinsons disease
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  • Intranasal administration of CNS therapeutics to awake mice
    Journal of visualized experiments. 2013
  • Detection of postoperative sleep-disordered breathing using a portable monitoring device
    Sleep & breathing = Schlaf & Atmung. 2012
  • Intranasal deferoxamine improves performance in radial arm water maze, stabilizes HIF-1alpha, and phosphorylates GSK3beta in P301L tau transgenic mice
    Experimental Brain Research. 2012
  • Intranasal delivery of deferoxamine reduces spatial memory loss in APP/PS1 mice
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  • Intranasal delivery of growth differentiation factor 5 to the central nervous system
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  • Production and fate of the sea lamprey migratory pheromone
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  • Intranasal delivery of insulin and a nitric oxide synthase inhibitor in an experimental model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Neuroscience
  • Intranasal insulin prevents cognitive decline, cerebral atrophy and white matter changes in murine type I diabetic encephalopathy Brain
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