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  • Barclay, Terry R., PhD, LP  Research Investigator, Center for Memory & Aging, Regions Hospital
  • Fine, Jared M., PhD  Research Associate, Center for Memory & Aging
  • Frey II, William H., PhD  Sr. Director of Neuroscience Research, Center for Memory & Aging
  • Guliani, Gaurav K., MD  Research Investigator, Neuroscience Research Centers
  • Haake, Bret C., MD  Institute Research Investigator
  • Hanson, Leah R., PhD  Senior Director, Neuroscience Research, and Senior Investigator, HealthPartners Institute
  • Kashyap, Bhavani, MBBS, PhD  Research Associate, Center for Memory and Aging
  • Rosenbloom, Michael H., MD  Former Director, Center for Memory and Aging
  • Wyman-Chick, Kate A., PsyD, ABPP  Clinical Neuropsychologist and Clinician-Investigator at HealthPartners Neuroscience Center