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Kashyap, Bhavani, MBBS, PhD uri icon
Research Associate, Center for Memory and Aging


Education: MBBS, Bangalore Medical College, Bangalore, India; PhD, Neuroscience, University of Idaho, Moscow

Research highlights: Before joining HealthPartners, I worked as a research scientist at a Twin Cities medical device startup, Inspire Medical Systems, where I worked with the research team in establishing upper airway stimulation as a minimally invasive therapy for obstructive sleep apnea.

Research interests/expertise: I am passionate about knowing the “how” and “why” of diseases and in finding new/novel therapies in disease treatment. My current excitement is working with our team to translate the intranasal deferoxamine results in animals to first-in-human studies. One of my interests lies in understanding how sleep plays a role in development of dementia.

Current projects: I am working on multiple clinical research projects in areas of stroke, dementia and aromatherapy.

  • CHORD Study: The Power of Music through Participation in the Giving Voice Chorus
  • Feasibility of Daily Aromatherapy for Sleep Treatment in Dementia
  • Phase-2 Intranasal Insulin Trial
  • Retrospective studies with the stroke research team

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