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JaKa, Meghan M., PhD uri icon
Senior Evaluation Scientist


Joined the Institute: 2018

Education and training: PhD, social and behavioral epidemiology, University of Minnesota; MS, physical activity and health, Oregon State University.

Evaluation interests:
Healthcare utilization and cost measurement
Patient, member and community-reported outcomes
Measuring success of program implementation, treatment fidelity and process evaluation
Quantitative, qualitative and mixed-methods data collection
Statistical and epidemiologic methods
Evaluation methods (e.g., stakeholder analysis, logic model development, needs assessment)
Theory-based program design and formative evaluation
Data visualization

Current evaluation activities and funding
Program evaluations in partnership with HealthPartners departments such as Primary & Specialty Care, Hospitals, Health & Care Engagement and Office of Health Professional Education

Evaluation studies in collaboration with healthcare organizations, philanthropic foundations, government agencies and academic institutions

Research studies related to pediatric obesity, care coordination, qualitative methods, behavior change theory, and treatment fidelity measurement



selected publications